Things To Know About Ent For Kids

Ent For Kids

Although most paediatricians can handle a runny nose or an ear infection, it is crucial to be aware when your child needs to see an ENT specialist. As per the American Academy of Otolaryngology, paediatric ear, nose, and throat disorders are one of the chief reasons for rushing to a paediatrician. Whether the issue is its caused by allergens around the home, or from a genetics, a school yard accident, or simply child growing issues, knowing when to see a ENT specialist is an important part of caring for a child.

Snoring among children is not normal

Despite most parents finding their kids’ snoring funny or cure, it is definitely not normal, according to the Otolaryngology doctors Although it is not a cause for alarm, it warrants a complete physical evaluation by a pediatrician or an ENT doctor.
Serious conditions such as sleep apnea can lead to a host of health issues in children like malformation of facial bones, bed-wetting, and behavior issues. On your next annual pediatrician check-up, bring your child’s snoring habit to the doctor’s notice. After the assessment, the doctor will decide whether your child needs to consult with an ENT specialist.

A recurring cold

Children are no strangers to frequent colds. It is usual for kids to have a runny nose or cough every four to five weeks. Viral colds cannot be treated with antibiotics, and the decision in regards to the medication should be made carefully by the physician. If your child’s cold symptoms last for more than seven days, it is time to see an ENT and find out the root cause.

A recurring cold

Recurring ear infections

Ear tubes help ear infections by improving air pressures and hearing for your child. It also prevents the rounds of antibiotics, which affect the gut flora. The pediatric ENT specialist takes the decision to insert the ear tubes after the evaluation and consent of the parents. The level of hearing, presence of fluid inside the middle ear, and language development are taking into account before coming to a decision.

ENT specialists take care of more conditions than just tonsillitis and ear infections
While it is true that runny noses, ear infections, and tonsillitis are common reasons for the parents to drag their kids over to the pediatric ENT specialist, these specialists also hold the expertise in treating a variety of conditions related to head and neck cancers, hearing loss, fractures, balance disorders, swallowing disorders and more.

In conclusion

The ENT specialists are experts at comprehensive care while educating the families about the conditions along the way. The pediatric ENTs take special care to make the kids feel at ease. Also, since children are still growing and developing, they are physiologically different from adults. They respond to illnesses and treatments differently. Hence, pediatric ENTs are the ideal specialists for your child’s ear, nose, and throat issues.