Common Ear, Nose And Throat Procedures In The Field Of ENT


ENT is the medical abbreviation of ear, nose, and throat. An ENT specialist, also known as an otolaryngologist, treats all ears, nose, and throat conditions. They are trained in the field of surgery as well as medicine. The nose, ear, throat, larynx, and sinuses are the areas of specialties for these doctors. Physicians can only […]

Sleep And Snoring Treatment By ENT Specialists

Sleep And Snoring

Snoring occurs when air passes through the areas of resistance in the upper airways when one sleeps. Usually, the uvula, soft palate, tonsils, and back of the tongue contribute to the patient’s snoring. Even in children, sleep apnea can occur from enlarged tonsils and adenoids. When awake, the muscles surrounding the throat provide support to […]