Common Ear, Nose And Throat Procedures In The Field Of ENT


ENT is the medical abbreviation of ear, nose, and throat. An ENT specialist, also known as an otolaryngologist, treats all ears, nose, and throat conditions. They are trained in the field of surgery as well as medicine. The nose, ear, throat, larynx, and sinuses are the areas of specialties for these doctors.

Physicians can only medically treat certain conditions, while ENT doctors are trained to perform invasive procedures and surgeries in the areas of their expertise if the situation necessitates. ENT specialties are also trained to perform surgeries on deformities.

The medical conditions that an ENT can treat

Among various other conditions, patients visit ENT for Sinusitis, nose infections and injuries, ear infections, vertigo, tonsillitis, head and neck pain, and various sleep disorders.

The procedures that an ENT specialist is trained to perform

Sinus surgery, snoring or sleeping disorder surgery, tonsil removal, and corrective breathing surgery are some of the invasive procedures that ENT specialists are adept at. Sinus surgery is usually the last resort when the medicines fail to alleviate the infection.

trained to perform

During the surgery, the specialist enlarges the sinus openings to drain them. The procedure improves the function of the sinuses and lessens the chance of a future infection. Sinus surgery is an outpatient procedure and is minimally invasive.
There are different types of sinus surgeries.

Removal of damaged mucosa

The mucous, which is irreversibly damaged in the maxillary sinus, is removed in the procedure. The maxillary sinus is located under the eye. The surgery connects this sinus to the nose to improve drainage and prevent the recurrence of an infection.

Endoscopic sinus surgery

The ENT examines the patient’s sinus openings for unusual growth, obstructions or tissues, that are to be surgically removed.

Image-guided surgery.

It combines endoscopy and tomography to give a visual to the surgeon about the target area. Most often, this procedure helps correct any previous sinus surgeries or addressing abnormal sinus anatomy.

Ear surgeries

One of the most common ear surgeries by Ent specialists involves inserting a tube into the ear to drain the fluid accumulated in the inner ear. This accumulated fluid is responsible for chronic infections and hearing loss, so its removal is crucial.

Reconstructive surgeries such as Tympanoplasty

It is performed to reconstruct the ear and the eardrum.
Stapedectomy involves the removal of a part of the bone in the middle ear.
ENT specialists are also experts at straightening the deviating septum of the nose. The septum is a structure that separates the nasal cavities, composed of thin bone and cartilage. The procedure is called septoplasty, and it is essential as any abnormality in the septum can affect one’s ability to breathe.